Vertical Farm Photos – Friday 4/26/2013

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Vertical Farm Photos – Friday 4/26/2013

After a long cold, snowy week and a half, we’re finally starting to get some warm weather here at the vertical farm.

Not only are the Laramigos loving it, but our plants are indulging in the longer, warmer day lengths too!

This week we planted more chard and also some vidalia onions in our new (soil) greenhouse.

If you’re interested in learning more about building a greenhouse for vertical farming or traditional soil farming, check out these first 2 videos in our series:

Building a Greenhouse (Part 1)

Building a Greenhouse (Part 2)


Living Greenwalls

This weekend, we’ll be out at the greenhouse building and filming videos on how YOU can build your own vertical greenwall for your backyard fence, side of your house or restaurant wall!  

Potato Party

We’ve recently been getting in a lot of our seed potatoes for our summer planting.

You should have seen Nate’s eyes light up the other day when he received 50 pounds of seed potatoes! This past weekend, we planted:

We’re also looking forward to putting in our summer squash this coming weekend!

Keep on the lookout for more vertical farm photos and urban farming photos to come!

Chris Michael - Bright Agrotech

Chris Michael is the Chief Movement Officer & Marketing Director for Bright Agrotech, LLC.
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Bright Agrotech is the expert in vertical, high yield, space-saving gardening technology. Our patented ZipGrow Vertical Farming Towers and Matrix Media are helping young upstart farmers around the world achieve maximum yields and feed their communities.
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Author: Chris Michael

Chris Michael has the best job in the world. Everyday, he gets to interact with innovative and passionate vertical farmers and equip them to cultivate a brighter future of food.

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